About Shree Sai Packers and Movers Pune

Our team members are committed to execute the personalized service and customized results what our customers desire. Each and every shifting we perform is unique.

Focused Training

Packing & Moving is more than just strong guys lifting furniture. Successful moving requires a blend of knowledge, skill and experience. All of our Packing team members are full time employees who are required to undergo mandatory training programs to learn the skill of Packing. Result: A Shifting done carefully and efficiently.

Accurate Estimating

Many horror stories of problems revolve around inaccurate estimating. Shree Sai Packers N Movers (India) performs detailed consultations in a home or business that are designed to uncover all relevant information about a shifting and identify potential problems. Result: A Shifting with no surprises and accurate results.

Detailed Planning

A good shifting can easily go bad without a solid game plan. Exceptional planning is all about a commitment to communication and an obsession over details. At Shree Sai Packers N Movers (India), our customers receive a dedicated Packing & moving coordination team that is responsible for planning all aspects of their moves from start to finish. Result : A Perfect Shifting experience.

Shree Sai Packers
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